Hill Valley Candles is located in the heart of historic Kingston’s Uptown neighborhood. They offer a huge selection of beeswax, scented and unscented candles. Many of which are made in the store, right in front of your eyes!

Created by Woodstock native/Kingston resident Paul Rakov, the third generation of his family to call Kingston home. In the early 2000s, he worked with a local candle making and retailing business where he learned many unique methods for producing beautiful candles. He’s also used his experience of operating a candle retail business to create a warm, inviting, and FUN atmosphere.

A Few Of The Hill Valley Candles Products

Beeswax Pillars: Natural Gold
Tobacco Teakwood Scented Beeswax
Blood Orange Scented Beeswax
Fig Noir Scented Beeswax
Linen and Eucalyptus Scented Beeswax
Vanilla Bean Scented Beeswax
Mulled Wine Scented Beeswax
Hazelnut Coffee Scented Beeswax
White Birch Scented Beeswax
Honeysuckle Jasmine Scented Beeswax
Sandalwood Rose Scented Beeswax
Linen and Eucalyptus Scented Beeswax
Wild Mountain Honey Scented Beeswax
Sweet Hibiscus Scented Beeswax
Beeswax Roses
Beehive with Bees
Scented Pine Tree
Mountainscapes Glowing Pillars
Solid Colors Glowing Pillars