Kaete Brittin Shaw Porcelain creates one of a kind hand built vessels and wall pieces that have been widely shown and published. The teapots in particular received early recognition and have become her signature pieces. The technique used for this body of work is slab construction with inlaid colored clay surfaces.

Over the years Kaete Brittin Shaw has expanded her palette to include over 100 colored clays. The color choices for each piece are generally influenced by the seasonal changes in nature and the environment of this area. Occasionally the colors reflect the inspiration of her travels to places like Mexico and the Soviet Union.

In addition to teapots, her work includes vases and wall vases, sculptural wall pieces and platters as well as other forms. “Since the three dimensional pieces have two sides I approach them as if they are two canvases which can be quite different in feeling. In this way each piece, when turned around, can present surprising contrasts. Creating apparent movement with asymmetrical silhouettes is an important element of my sense of form. Inspirational sources include many abstracted aspects of the landscape of this area such as the rock formations and flora and fauna. Chinese scrolls are the inspiration for the shape of the platters which are a simpler format for more complex imagery. Paired pieces refer to the energy of connection with others which enriches our lives.”

The bowls, which are her most popular design, give the impression of a spiral when they are stacked and reflect her continuing interest in the integration of functionalism with sculptural form. As individual pieces they are utterly functional, but when they are stacked they assume sculptural qualities. Other tabletop forms in the spiral theme have been created to complement the bowls which were among her first cast designs. They include nested trays in several sizes which can serve as platters, sushi sets, sake sets, cups, butter dishes, vases, candlesticks, soap dishes, and “shell” bowls. These pieces can be used to create a complete non-traditional table setting.