Supreme Pianos of New York is a master restorer of high quality grand, baby grand and upright pianos. With a depth of experience Supreme Pianos of New York  brings the same high standards to all piano makes and models.

With meticulous expertise, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a deep love of the musical craft, Supreme Pianos of New York works with you to find that perfect piano that lets you fulfill your musical dreams. The purpose is to provide the highest quality attainable in every piano for the professional musician, the talented amateur, and the aspiring beginner alike.

Throughout the Hudson Valley, Supreme Pianos of New York of New York tunes and repairs pianos professionally, including hammer voicing, action regulating, and comprehensive in-home repair service for all our customers in the Hudson Valley, NY and throughout the state of New York.

Supreme Pianos of New York also offers the best pricing and highest quality in the Hudson Valley on Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, and more top name brands. All carefully tuned and regulated.