Vail Guitars creates unique, one of a kind, handcrafted guitars designed to your playing style and your unique hand/finger configuration. You will have the opportunity to select your tone woods, neck dimensions, and decorative appointments that match your passions in life.

Fitting the guitar to the player is very important and a much overlooked concern. If you are not comfortable playing your guitar than progress and enjoyment will be compromised. Every persons hands and fingers are unique. So why should a “one size fits all” be the guitar for you? Guitar factories think that you can compensate but they are not the ones playing the guitar!

The woods used to build my guitars are personally selected. I prefer to obtain logs or billets and resaw to make my own guitar sets. All wood is quarter sawn for strength and stability. A priority is placed on stiffness, especially for tops. Stiff strong tops allow me to build lighter guitars and gain maximun output of sound. I evaluate each piece of wood based on its tap tone. This process of wood selection and preparation is time consuming, but the end result is worth the investment.


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A few Guitar models from Vail Guitars:

  • MJ6
    This mini jumbo six string is very versatile. It responds well to finger style playing and can also handle a pick. The MJ6 is very balanced and mics very well for recording or live stage performance. The mini jumbo is available in 24.9 (short) or 25.4 (long) scale lengths. Recommended tone woods are rosewood / sitka , but other tone wood combinations are available.
    lower bout- 16”
    upper bout- 11 ¾”
  • HD
    The HD dreadnaught is the Vail version of the legendary Martin guitar shape. It is my hope this model will convince players who are partial to this shape guitar, to own a truly unique handcrafted instrument. The bracing is not traditional which gives it clarity and power. The herringbone trim gives this Vail guitar a true classic look.
    lower bout- 16”
    upper bout- 11 3/8”
    body length- 20 ¼”
    scale length- 25.4” (long scale)
  • The Revelation
    A solid bodied electric guitar with a carved dome top. The slightly smaller body size and the 25” (medium) scale length make this guitar very comfortable to play. The Revelation features a LR Baggs T- bridge, which has an acoustic piezo crystal under each string for a acoustic guitar sound. At the fick of a toggle switch you can also choose between all electric or an acoustic / electric blend. The magnetic pick ups are passive EMG.
    lower bout- 13 1/8”
    upper bout- (to tip of cutaway) 8”
    body length- 17 ¼”