The painterly quality of Caroline Wallner’s work is one of the signatures of Tivoli Tile Works. Each piece of Tivoli Tile Works pottery is hand-thrown, hand-glazed, and hand-painted, some with the woodland creatures that inhabit Caroline’s surroundings—fox, owls, deer.

Each piece is uniquely lovely and simply useful. Tivoli Tile Works celebrates everyday experience. As Caroline says: “My pottery is made to use daily: to serve with, to eat and drink with, to handle, to wash, to display. I love the simplicity of it, the functionality is important. The cups are the first thing you go for in the morning and the last thing you go for at night.”

Caroline finds endless inspiration here for her pottery, which is as beautiful as it is functional, as artistic as it is prosaic. “Nature is where I find endless possibilities for my work, in form and color,” she says. “The Hudson Valley is a perfect tableau of natural beauty and creative spirit. With such distinct and vibrant seasons, I am continually inspired.”