Signal Fire Bread crafts small-batch sourdough breads, handcrafted from NY-grown grains, hand-shaped, baked in a wood fired oven.

The bread is naturally leavened, aka sourdough, using flour and water to cultivate local wild yeast strains, adding flavor that’s unique, and creating bread that’s nutritious and delicious through the wonders of natural fermentation.

Bread From Signal Fire Bread

East Mountain Levain
Seeded Levain
Corn Grits Levain
Sesame Levain
Rustic Baguette
Brioche Loaf
Ammerland Rye
Whole Spelt
Whole Spelt w/seeds
Whole Spelt w/raisins
Roasted Onion Focaccia
Cinnamon Bun
the Neighbor Loaf
East Mountain Pullman
Red Fife Miche
Country Rye Levain
Whole Wheat Prune
Bialy w/roasted onions and poppy seeds