Chocolate Chunkers is a boutique Westchester cookie bakery. Michael Knox, the founder and CEO of Chocolate Chunkers, studied the art of chocolate chip cookie baking and after countless hours and endless batches of chocolate chip cookies, Michael perfected his chocolate chip cookie, The Chocolate Chunker. Made in small batches with great attention to detail, These cookies are now available by order only. They are a young company with a 14-year old founder, and a goal to be LARGE – join them on their journey.

Cookies are homemade from scratch with no preservatives. They vary slightly in size and are hand packed in a sleeve.

The Chocolate Chunkers Cookie Selection:

Mini Chunker
Chocolate Chunker
Nutty Chunker
Sugar Chunker
Whoop Ass Chunker
Festive chunker
Shamrock Chip Chunker
Raisin Chunker