Discover the delectable treats from County Road Bakery, where you can indulge in an array of sweets and savories crafted with their signature flour blends and locally sourced ingredients. Prepare to be amazed as you exclaim, “I can’t believe this is gluten-free!” Their freshly baked goods are meticulously prepared in a celiac-safe kitchen, making them gluten-free and nut-free, ensuring that everyone can savor and share these delightful treats.

County Road Bakery is a mobile bakery that directly brings its delicious, celiac-safe creations to local shops and farm markets. You can catch them year-round at various Farmers Markets in Sullivan County, NY, including the Barryville Farmers Market on Sundays or at Callicoon Creek Park from 11 am to 2 pm. For added convenience, you can order online for easy pickup at one of the farmers’ markets.

Selections From The County Road Bakery Menu:

Please be advised that the menu changes weekly, so please check the most recent offerings.

  • Cinnamon Rolls are just like you remember them, only gluten-free! They’re sweet, dense quickbread with that cinnamon and sugar flavor that hits the perfect spot, topped with a light sugar coating, and satisfying in every bite!
  • Lemon Bars: Tangy and not-too-sweet, the perfect bite of lemon custard squares! Made with butter and fresh lemons, and finished with powdered sugar and a classic shortbread crust.
  • 9″ Pie: A beautiful and delicious 9″ fruit pie with a flaky top crust. You absolutely cannot tell it’s Gluten-Free! Multiple filling options are subject to change based on availability.
  • Lemon Zest Pound Cake.
  • Pull-Apart Rolls, Take-n-Bake: Delicious, toasty, and hot because you control the baking time! You receive a pan of 6 frozen pull-apart rolls for dinner, breakfast, or anytime! Defrost, proof, add a slice of butter or olive oil, grated cheese or salt’ n Peppa, and pop in a preheated oven for 30 minutes; you’ll never hear the end of how great these GF rolls taste!
  • Orange Olive Oil Tea Cakes: These beauties have a crisp crunch and a spongy interior, bursting with orange zest. Perfect for breakfast, teatime, or dessert, these individual cakes make any meal special and unique, and people love their bright, light flavor.
  • Vegan Carrot Cupcakes: Fresh carrot cupcakes with a light lemon glaze. Entirely vegan safe!
    Chocolate Brownies: Fudgy and delicious, these gluten-free Guittard chocolate brownies are flavored with small-batch vodka-vanilla.
  • Vegan Chocolate Fudge: This rich and creamy vegan chocolate fudge is sold by the half lb. It is guaranteed to melt in your mouth and contains coconut.

Please take a look at this week’s County Road Bakery offerings.