Dutch Desserts, from New York’s Hudson Valley, started with a Dutch Apple Tart that made people forget all about Mom’s Apple Pie.

Their fascination begins with the crust, Marjan’s secret and treasured recipe. Then they realize these tarts aren’t too sweet, they make your taste buds jump to life. For years you could only get these tarts in Northeast specialty stores and farmer’s markets. Now they are available to you online.

Continuing to grow at a very fast pace, they now provide their tarts to numerous stores in eastern New York, western Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and, they sell their products at many upscale farmers’ markets throughout the area. They are always looking for additional specialty food stores and new farmers’ markets where they can offer their delicious products to new and old customers.

Tart selections from Dutch Desserts:

Original Dutch Apple – Blueberry – Mixed Berry – Peach – Raspberry – Peach/Raspberry – Strawberry/Rhubarb – Pumpkin – Pecan – Chocolate

Online purchases available or check their website for upcoming appearances.