Peaceful Provisions crafts handmade vegan doughnuts that are unlike donut chains that use premade dough mixes or premade and artificially flavored tubs of icings, glazes or jams, they make everything from scratch. Everything from yeast-raised doughs, fillings (jams, creams, curds, custards, etc.), toppings (puff pastry, cookie crumbs, cake crumbs, etc.) and icings are all made by the kitchen crew of three using recipes we’ve developed over the past six to seven years.

Established in 2015, Peaceful Provisions is a family, minority and women owned artisan doughnut shop specializing in small-batch and scratch-made doughnuts. We do not use pre-made mixes, icings or fillings to make our doughnuts. Everything is scratch-made from high quality ingredients. We carefully source our ingredients because it’s extremely important to us that we serve our guests mindfully and compassionately crafted treats.