Casella’s Salumi, crafts a line of Italian cured meats taking inspiration from the Tuscany Region of Italy. The line includes various salami and Casella’s Prosciutto Speciale, the winner of the 2020 Good Food Awards in the charcuterie category.

Chef Casella’s contributions to the culinary scene have been recognized in media ranging from Forbes to Food Arts to New York Magazine and The New York Times. He was voted one of the best chefs in New York City by Food & Wine magazine and has appeared on hit shows such as “Iron Chef,” “Top Chef,” “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” “ No Reservations,” and “After Hours with Daniel Boulud.”

He first learned the art when he helped the norcini — the old school butchers who traveled the countryside — prepare the salumi served at Vipore.

Casella’s Products:

  • CASELLA’S SALAMI is made using Cesare’s own blend of “droga italiana,” a mixture of spices, dried herbs and other ingredients, from fennel seeds to cinnamon.
  • SOPPRESSATA DOLCE CASELLA’S Soppressata is a dry-cured, fermented sausage found throughout Italy. Soppressata Dolce (sweet) is fantastic for slicing for a panini or added to your antipasto platter.
  • SOPPRESSATA PICCANTE – From the South of Italy comes a spicy addition to the Casella’s line up. This salame gets its name from the region of Calabria, known for its super hot and flavorful chili peppers.
  • FINOCCHIONA – Since the 15th Century, Tuscan butchers and salumi-makers have used the wild fennel, or finocchio, to flavor this zippy sausage.
  • COPPA DOLCE AND PICCANTE – In Northern Italy coppa refers to the twine-bound salume made using the homonymous, cylindrical cut of pork shoulder.
  • PROSCIUTTO SPECIALE is made in America following the time-tested traditions of Italy’s norcini, the itinerant butchers who traveled the countryside preparing, seasoning and aging meat. Casella’s Prosciutto Speciale was the winner of a 2020 Good Food Award from the Good Food Foundation in the Charcuterie category!

Where To Find Casella’s Products