Chaseholm Farm Creamery is not just a business, it’s a labor of love. The Creamery’s rich history dates back to 2007 when Rory Chase, a member of the Chase family, returned to the farm and delved into the art of cheese making. Showing remarkable dedication, Rory retrofitted a barn built by his grandfather in the early 1930s, transforming it into a Cheesemaking Plant and Aging Cave. This personal touch reflects the deep commitment and passion that goes into every step of the cheese-making process at Chaseholm Farm Creamery.

Situated in Pine Plains, NY, the Creamery is one of only a few Farmstead operations in New York that produces cow’s milk cheese exclusively from its herd. Embracing the rich French cheese-making traditions, Chaseholm offers an array of cheese styles, each bearing the mark of exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Chaseholm Farm Creamery’s offerings are not just cheeses, they are a celebration of flavor and tradition. From the irresistibly creamy ‘Old World’ style Chaseholm Camembert to the firmer and probiotic Queso Blancos and the soft, spreadable Fresh Herbed Farmer’s Cheeses, each product is a testament to the Creamery’s commitment to quality and innovation. Their probiotic-enhanced Ice Cream and Cultured Kombuchas, available in a delightful array of flavors, are a testament to their dedication to creating unique and delicious products.

Chaseholm Farm Creamery indeed epitomizes the art of farmstead cheese making, blending tradition, quality, and innovation to create a truly exceptional culinary experience for cheese and dairy enthusiasts.

A Few Of The Chaseholm Farm Creamery Cheese Products:

Aged four to six months, this classic hard cheese from the French Alpine tradition is produced here in the Hudson Valley. The Raw Milk Tomme is produced in 6 lb. wheels and has a natural, edible rind. The pate is firm through the center yet pliant. Stella Vallis has a nutty aspect underscored by a ‘cheddary’ sharpness. It is excellent for pairing with sweet, wet fruits…like local apples.

Aged a minimum of 10 months, the Alpage is modeled after the high Alpine styles of Gruyere and Emmentaler. Made from delicious grass-fed milk into 22 lb. wheels, this cheese has the full-bodied character one would expect of a well-aged wheel with a grass-fed, natural, edible washed rind, darker colored pate full of nut, caramel, and Umami flavors. The pate is smooth and firm through the center. Look for minor hole development and the formation of crunchy lactate crystals in the oldest wheels. Delicious flavor with broad appeal.

Named after the family’s Chaseholm Farm, this cheese is a classic, old-world style Camembert (bloomy rind cheese) made from the rich whole milk of their grass-fed herd. Camembert is similar to the more familiar Brie. It is ripened to provide a soft, creamy pate that bends at room temperature. This exceptionally creamy cheese has the dynamic flavors of Normandy but is produced right here in the Hudson Valley. It is best paired with jammy preserves and crusty bread.

A slightly aged, bloomy rind cheese whose white rind conceals the ash exterior beneath, ripened gently with a firm chevre-style center when the cheese is young. Moonlight is just shy of double ‘créme’ and is rich and savory with a slightly tart center. As it ripens from the outside in the pate sweetens and takes on an evermore delicate body. An ash layer beneath the bloom has characteristics of a goat’s milk St. Maure.

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