Hoofprint Cheese Company is located in the heart of Dutchess County ane is a Grade A Raw Milk Goat Dairy and Creamery. In addition to being able to offer raw goat’s milk, they produce artisanal goat cheeses and yogurt made in small batches.

Some Of The Hoofprint Cheese Company Products:

Just Plain Yogurt
Small batch Swiss style yogurt.

Handcrafted bloomy rind goat cheese.

Fresh Feta
Grade A artisanal goat cheese.

Herbed Chèvre Roll

You can purchase products at the main dairy barn where you will find a refrigerator stocked with products including raw goats milk, cheeses and yogurts. Also available from local retailers.

The Goats

Alpine Goats
The Alpine, or the pointy-eared goats at Hoofprint Cheese Company are our powerhouse milk producers. The Alpine breed originated in the French Alps and unlike other “Swiss” breeds of dairy goats, they can be a wide variety of colors. Their hardworking and no nonsense personalities shine in our herd and excel in milk production.

Nubian Goats
The Nubian goat is known for their long, pendulous ears and their roman noses. They also are high butterfat producers, which is essential for cheese making and rich, sweet milk.