Drifter Ferments is a fermented foods & supplies retail store that serves farm-to-table casual fare in historic Warwick, New York.

Drifter offers a rotating array of products, including vegetable ferments, tempeh, miso, yogurt, nut cheese, sourdough bread, and cultured condiments. All ferments are made in-house, many are locally sourced and made with organic ingredients.  They can be purchased online, purchased for pickup or enjoyed in the cafe.
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A Sampling Of Drifter Ferments Products

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Traditional German-style sauerkraut made with organic cabbage, caraway seeds, juniper berries, and sea salt. This ferment has a simple flavor & crisp texture, perfect for newbies to and aficionados of fermentation alike. Cabbage is sourced from Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY. The juniper berries were wild-harvested while foraging in Northeast New Mexico. We use Celtic Sea Salt by Selina Naturally in all of our vegetable ferments.

Golden Dandy Sauerkraut
Nurtures the immune system with turmeric and bitter greens. Fermentation, on its own, synthesizes vitamins and minerals, enhancing beneficial qualities while also making nutrients more bioavailable. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory compounds and dandelion greens’ gentles detoxifying effect make this ferment an especially potent powerhouse for the body. Cabbage is organic and sourced from Chester Agricultural Center in Chester, NY. Our Golden Dandy Sauerkraut is also made with dandelion greens from Earthman Farm in Vernon, New Jersey and fair trade turmeric processed by Diaspora Co. Szechuan peppercorn is sourced from travels in Chengdu, China. We use Celtic Sea Salt by Selina Naturally in all of our vegetable ferments.

Popular as a cover crop to loosen and irrigate soils, daikon radishes are plentiful at the close of the growing season, which makes our daikon kimchi a winter specialty. It’s a simple fermentation of cubed daikon radishes combined with a vegetarian cayenne pepper paste. Nice and spicy with an even texture, perfect as a side or to spice up tacos. The radishes were grown by Kittatinny Mountain Farm of Wantage, New Jersey. Our kimchi paste is made with all organic ingredients and the cayenne peppers are sourced locally from D’Attolico Organic Farm of Pine Island, New York. We use Celtic Sea Salt by Selina Naturally in all of our vegetable ferments.

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