Green Owl Garlic is a grower of seed and culinary garlic. Hardneck garlic varieties are grown in the heart of the Hudson Valley on some of the most breathtaking and fertile farmland in Rhinebeck, New York.

Green Owl Garlic grows responsibly – chemical, pesticide, and herbicide free – using only natural methods, including crop rotation, compost, kelp/fish emulsion, green manure crops and straw mulch. All of their garlic is planted, cultivated, and harvested by hand. To ensure clean seed, they also test for Bloat Nematode each season.

With 80% of the garlic sold in the U.S. imported from China, Green Owl Garlic is proud to produce and sell locally. They sell seed and culinary garlic at regional festivals, community markets and on-line. We currently offer seven types of hardneck garlic.


Garlic varieties from Green Owl Garlic

  • GERMAN WHITE – 5-7 cloves. Easy to peel. White wrappers with a delicate pink inner hue. Excellent roaster, moderately hot when raw and sweet when cooked.
  • MUSIC – 4-6 cloves. Very easy to peel. White wrappers give way to a pinkish purplish blush. Moderately hot when raw and musky sweet when cooked.
  • Rocambole, HUNGARIAN PURPLE – 8-10 cloves. Purplish-white wrappers. Easy to peel, large cloves. Spicy and robust.
  • Purple Stripe, CHESNOK RED – 6-8 cloves. Versatile with medium heat. Purplish-white wrappers. Wonderfully sweet when baked.
  • GERMAN RED – 8-10 cloves. Easy to peel. Purplish-brown wrappers. Strong, spicy, full-bodied flavor. Good keeper.
  • TURKISH RED – 8-12 cloves. Large bright red bulbs. Spicy, strong and hot.
  • RED REZAN – 8-15 cloves. Dark Pink- Red wrappers. Medium heat. Complex flavor.