LunaGrown Jam is a small-scale all natural jam, jelly, and Marmalade manufacturer located in New York State. Offering consumers, a traditionally made, small-batch product, thus avoiding commercial additives and excess sugars.

LunaGrown is Kosher Certified. The company’s motto “It Begins With A Memory” reflects its approach to product creation and consumer interaction. “It is our intent to help embolden life’s moments with a thoughtfully made product. To become part of our consumer’s daily activities, the good ones, and the challenging ones. Hopefully to be part of their family traditions for generations to come. We thought, let’s start mornings off that way, and then keep going.”

Some LunaGrown Jam Selections:

Chocolate Fig Jam by LunaGrown
Rich and dreamy Chocolate Fig Jam. A special 10th-anniversary debut. Temple Sinai Kosher. You’ll have an amazing time exploring this offering rich with dark cocoa and the same delicious figs as always.

Blood Orange with Raspberries Jam
Our Blood Orange with raspberries is a delight. Enjoyable on any toast or biscuit. Superb as a pastry topping or pairing with dark chocolate. This amazingly versatile Jam will brighten any moment, one taste and you will count the days until it’s available again next year.

LunaGrown Blackberry Jam
LunaGrown’s endearing Blackberry jam lends itself to cheese and wine pairings. This jam is also a pleasure to utilize in baking, especially in cookies. However you choose to enjoy this jam we’re sure it will leave you hoping for just one more spoonful.

LunaGrown Blueberry Jam
A seasonal customer favorite. Loaded with wild blueberries and bounding with flavor! Great for pairing with your favorite dry white wine and sharp local cheese. Excellent addition to your breakfast! These berries are the true wild berry.

Chipotle jellyLunaGrown Chipotle Pepper Jelly 1LunaGrown Hot Pepper JellyLunaGrown Hot Pepper JellyChipotle jellyLunaGrown Hot Pepper JellyLunaGrown Hot Pepper Jelly
Chipotle jelly
LunaGrown Chipotle Pepper Jelly
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LunaGrown Chipotle Pepper Jelly
LunaGrown’s Chipotle Hot Pepper Jelly is a hot & sweet smokey delight. This jelly is a warm start to any morning on hot buttermilk biscuits and eggs, served with sausage and bacon. Our Chipotle Pepper Jelly also pairs beautifully on a Turkey or Roast Beef sandwich. Excellent with your favorite cheese.

LunaGrown Rica Barreja Jam
Rica Barreja is LunaGrown’s own blend of fresh fruits kissed with natural vanilla. The name Rica Barreja means ‘Wealthy Blend’. We have chosen specific fruits that complement one another and give this jam it’s sweet, rich, smokey flavor, reminiscent of leather chairs, fine woven tapestry, and spiced rum.

LunaGrown Vanilla Pear Jam
LunaGrown’s delicate vanilla Pear Jam is created with locally grown pears. We wait until these are at the prime of ripeness before even considering them for jam. We add a hint of cinnamon and quite a bit of vanilla. This is a customer favorite.

LunaGrown Strawberry Jam
Locally grown berries, fresh from the field, give our strawberry jam flavor, awakening memories. When good morning was heartfelt and a neighbor was a friend. A beautiful addition to morning meals, and afternoon cheese pairings. Bring a smile to someone, share a spoonful.

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