Superkrauts Gourmet Organic Sauerkraut is the kind of sauerkraut our great-grandparents enjoyed. Simple – just two ingredients – cabbage and salt – no preservatives, no chemicals, no gimmicks.

Superkrauts combines the traditional fermentation process with exciting new flavors that are always raw, organic, fermented without heating – unpasteurized and full of vitamins, minerals and fresh pro-biotics in every bite.

All our krauts are 100% handcrafted – we create employment for local women, we are 100% women powered and run business. We use only the finest certified organic produce New York’s Hudson Valley has to offer, strengthening the locally owned farming communities year round.

Products are Live • Raw • Probiotic • Organic • Free of Vinegar and Preservatives

Gourmet Organic Sauerkraut Flavors:

Zesty Sriracha – Cinnamon Crunch – Green Goddess – Subtle Seaweed – Red Ginger Zinger – Crispy Curry – Classy Cardamon – Smokey Purple – Pink Lemon – Mogito – Greek – Red Hot Chili – Wasabi Ginger – Cranberry Apple

The Superkrauts Mission;

  • Make a sauerkraut that is authentic,
  • only fermented in glass (It is our belief and at the core of Superkrauts philosophy to keep
  • fermentation away from exposure to plastic),
  • a probiotic powerhouse,
  • tastes awesome crunchy and yummy and
  • shows respect to the planet by using local produce and suppliers and create no trash. 100% of our kitchen scraps are composted – to date we have diverted over 5 tons of trash to local compost that goes back to our organic farmers.

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