The Hangar at 743 and Warbird Factory bring aviation enthusiasts an epic first-hand experience to learn and explore history. All ages are wowed when they get close to World War II aircraft or hear the roar of the airplane engines and view the exciting overhead flights during the airshows.

The Present Aircraft Collection:

The Prescott Foundation

The Prescott Foundation hosts fundraising events during the year to keep WWII aircraft flying and support restoring of vintage aircraft like their B-25, “Old Glory”. The Prescott Foundation is a 501(c)3 dedicated to preserving and flying WWII aircraft as testimony to our WWII Veterans with the intent of keeping the stories of our WWII Veterans alive to inspire a new generation. In addition to Veteran and community outreach, the Prescott Foundation aspires to use its resources to introduce young people to the world of aviation, aviation technology, and aviation history.

The Warbird Factory

Preserving aviation history and ensuring these aircraft continue to fly and fly safely for years to come is imperative to the Warbird Factory. They are not owners of these aircraft; they are merely the current curators. With proper care and maintenance, these aircraft will be in existence for a long time to come. The mission is to preserve these aircraft for future generations to learn, understand, and have the opportunity to experience the WWII Warbirds.

Merchandise & Memorabilia can be purchased at the Hangar Store.