FarmOn! Foundation is a non-profit organization and public charity that creates and funds youth educational programming and is working to preserve family farming in America.

The FarmOn! Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness to food choices and sources; reinvigorating respect for farming and inspiring young people to choose agricultural careers; and creating an economic engine connecting rural and urban marketplaces.

By educating entrepreneurially oriented youth on how to create economically and environmentally sustainable farming operations that support succession across generations, we engage local communities to participate in the production, distribution and consumption of locally produced food products, we develop commerce and, therefore, an economic engine in New York’s Hudson Valley, and help change the future of farming.

Some of the Farm On! Foundation Programs:

  • Farm On! Milk Money
    $5K will provide fresh quality local Hudson Valley Fresh milk to ONE local school district for an entire school year. FarmOn! Foundation is the first to sponsor and implement a local dairy program in NYS to local school districts
  • Camp Farm On! Summer Camp
    Camp FarmOn! Is an enrichment program implemented by Taconic Hills Central School District in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension, 4H, Questarlll and Catskills School District. Kids visit local Farms and Ag related businesses, come up with a profitable solutions to current Ag issues and pitch it to a “shark tank” for potential investment.
  • Farm On! Foundation Farm Academy
    At the FarmOn! Community Center for Agriculture & educational incubator as a working farm, we connect the next generation to sustainable farming practices with the entrepreneurial spirit insuring our food safety and economic development of the Hudson Valley, by linking people, education and resources for viable livelihoods in agriculture.
  • Farm On! Seed Program
    We continue to source air pollinated, bio-dynamic organic seed and best practices of seed saving and banking with regional producers to maintain a higher quality of organic produce.