1945 Speed and Custom is a full-service automobile customization and restoration shop located in Troy, New York, just north of the capital city of Albany.

The facility has 10,000 square feet of workspace, 1945 creates some of the best vehicles in the world, specializing in complete automotive restoration, customization, and refinishing. The 1945 team is comprised of some of the most talented mechanics and fabricators in the industry, devoted to bringing your project to life whether it be a period-correct restoration or a restomod – taking your classic car and bringing it into present day with modern conveniences.

The experience of 1945 Speed And Custom, style and meticulousness will give you the confidence to expand your collection into any automotive brand or age, and to procure automobiles regardless of their condition.

Whether you are looking for a “juice” brake upgrade on your ’31 Model A or a full LS swap in your ’68 Camaro, 1945 has the abilities and skill to execute and complete any mechanically oriented task with ease and perfection.

As a custom shop, 1945 Speed And Custom completed some amazing paint work that truly stands out, but they also have the full ability to imitate factory original paint jobs – and they do so on a regular basis. Ssome of the best talent nationwide works furiously everyday to complete some of the best paint and body work in the world.

Sometimes there are certain parts for a car that are just not available anymore in reproduction form. When this occurs, the only choice is to recreate that part on our own. Thanks to our expert crew of fabricators, we can make just about anything.

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