Our goal at Creative Dance Arts is to provide a strong foundation in quality dance technique to every student. Whether they be pursuing a professional career or are a recreational dancer, there is a place for everyone in the CDA family.

Our classes are arranged by age and skill level to ensure social and developmental appropriateness. We strive to maintain a healthy balance of discipline and fun and encourage each student to reach their full potential.

We have a comfortable dressing room for the dancers as well as a large lounge area for families. 3 spacious studios are equipped with sprung subfloors and top grade Marley vinyl with a swirled pattern that has a wood like appearance. This floor is designed to provide a non slip surface for the dancers and shock absorption to the joints.

The floor trim is vented to allow the subfloor to “breathe” keeping moisture OUT. Our lounge area has TV monitors to view classes in progress. The Observation windows in the front studios are NOT tinted for the safety of your children. Instructors want to know WHO is entering the building and watching at all times. Students will become accustomed to observers as they grow, after all, dance is a performing art!