The G. Steve Jordan Gallery features fine art landscape photographs of the Shawangunk Ridge and the Hudson Valley in a variety of formats and sizes. They ship worldwide and promise a lifetime of satisfaction with every print purchase.

“Though I am drawn to scenes of natural beauty, my photographs speak more to the deeper currents that are the purview of all artists: color and line, form and composition and, ultimately, using the medium and an individual moment to express a universal inward significance.

John Driscoll, in the book about the Hudson River School painters, “All That Is Glorious Around Us,” notes that Durand…”aspired to an expression of life and emotion related to but independent of, and more enduring than, man’s experience.”

In the photographs I have made of the Shawangunk Ridge, my motivation is similar to Durand’s — a scene is rendered and realized on one level, but holds within it more than a record or document of nature at a particular moment, even more than I could intend as I release the shutter.”