The Cancun Inn Restaurant located off of King’s Highway in Sugarloaf, NY., prides itself on their delicious Mexican dishes with recipes that have been passed down for generations. The restaurant is family owned and operated.

Their dishes are designed with the taste of authentic Mexican food, along with a creative Spanish flair. Cancun Inn Restaurant will take your taste buds to Mexico with a magnificent Carne Asada y Camarones Al Ajillo. Or, what about a trip to Spain with their version of a traditional dish, Zarsuela de Mariscos. Dishes are always fresh, savory and prepared to perfection.


Selections from the Cancun Inn Restaurant Menu:

Camarones Al Ajillo
Sauteed shrimp in a delicious garlic brown sauce.
Mole Poblano
An exotic combination of peppers, herbs, spices & unsweetened chocolate.

Pollo Al Jefe
Chicken breast with mushrooms, cream, diced ham & artichoke hearts.

Two Amigos al Ajo
Gulf shrimp served with boneless breast of chicken, fresh garlic & spices
in a delicious, mouth-watering garlic sauce.

A delicious pan-fried flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of beef or chicken, topped
with homemade enchilada sauce, melted cheese, guacamole & sour cream.

Fajitas (Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, or Beef)
Sauteed with peppers, onions, tomatoes & mexican spices. Served with
rice, guacamole, sour cream & tortillas in our delicious homemade enchilada sauce.