Located in beautiful rural Greene County in the Upper Hudson Valley region of New York State, Damon Baehrel is a truly one-of-a-kind 20 seat restaurant/property.

Dining guests arrive at Damon Baehrel for each seating at the same predetermined time, and are greeted and shown to their table by Damon himself. For 4-5 hours, at a leisurely pace, Chef/Grower Damon cooks and serves a parade of approximately 14-19 surprise courses of his pioneering Native Harvest Cuisine, presented on his unique and varied collection of Villeroy & Boch, Steelite, Wedgewood china and beautiful, unique flatware. Some of the serving pieces were created by Damon utilizing Native components found on the property. Damon takes a few moments to describe the ingredients, preparation and origin of the course with passion and a bit of humor. Some courses may be just a single bite, some may be comprised of more than twenty different tastes to experience.

Damon works completely alone in the restaurant, and on the surrounding 12 acre property, which is the only source of ingredients, Native & Cultivated, that Damon utilizes in his original Native Harvest Cuisine. In addition to preparing dozens of varieties of his own homemade aged cheeses, cured meats, flours, vinegars, pressed oils, butters and breads on premise, Chef/Grower Baehrel hand prepares and serves every course of his daily changing multi-course Tasting Menu, which takes about 5 hours to experience, and is the only dining format offered.