The Defiant Brewing Company exists to bring high-quality, craft-brewed beer to the tri-state area ― that’s our mission, in a nutshell.

Everyday, we strive to create outstanding ales and lagers, challenge the conventions of mass advertised and mass-produced beers, and offer a unique production micro-brewery experience to our customers.

At Defiant, we use top-notch raw ingredients to brew outstanding beer. Our passion for innovation shows in the variety of offerings you’ll find at the brewery every day.

The Defiant Brewing Company now serves authentic, slow-smoked barbecue food, and a selection of hand-cut cheeses and meats including authentic, slow-smoked brisket, pulled pork, and ribs – seasoned with our own secret rub recipes to make them even tastier! Meat is offered by the pound – so serving size is up to you! A variety of yummy sides are also available.