Mi Ecuador Juice Bar is a family owned restaurant that offers a clean and pleasant environment for customers to enjoy Ecuadorian and Latin cuisine in. They have a variety of dishes which are all prepared with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant has a selection of juices and smoothies made from fresh fruit.

Mi Ecuador offers food by the tray for your parties and events.
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Selections From The Mi Ecuador Juice Bar Menu:

  • CHAULAFAN – Fried Rice mixed with Chicken ,Beef ,Shrimp ,Eggs and Vegetables
  • Pechuga Apanada – Breaded Chicken Breast served with Rice,French Fries and salad
  • Arroz con pollo – Fried rice mixed with Chicken Brest and Vegetables served with Sweet Plantains and salad
  • Pechuga Con Crema De Espinaca – Chicken Breast with Spinach Cream served with Rice, Sweet Plantain and Avocado.
  • Bistec Encebollado – Steak in Onions Served with Rice, Beans and Sweet Plantains
  • Bistec salteado – Pepper Steak served with Rice, Salad, Sweet Plantain
  • chuletas fritas – Fried Pork Chops Served with Rice, Beans and Salad
  • Bandeja Tipica – Grilled Beef, Pork skin Rice, Beans, Eggs, Avocado, Sweet plantains
  • Mi Ecuador special – Strewed Beef, Grilled Chicken,S hrimp served with Rice, Tostones and salad
  • Arroz com camarones – Fried Rice Mixed with Shrimp and Vegetables served with Salad and French Fries
  • Encebollado – Tuna fish soup with boiled Cassava & red onions .
  • Ceviche de Camarones – Tomate Soup with Shrimp and Red Onions
  • Llapingacho – Grilled Pork Loin, horizo, Potato Tortilla, Rice, Avocado and Pico de Gallo

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