At Joe’s Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction NY, you can enjoy juicy hamburgers done on their uniquely seasoned grill, or delicious hot dogs, chicken and fish, followed by of course their ice cream treats!

Casual, everyday food done classic-style…it’s the hallmark of Joe’s Dairy Bar hot food experience. The oils are fresh and clean, the chili is scratch-made with a secret family recipe, and wherever possible they use local fresh ingredients.

“The Storino family is exceedingly proud to be the owner of what has been called a “local institution” that has existed for over fifty years and is now serving its third generation of fans. We are only the fourth owners of this establishment, which originally was called “Uhl’s” but was later renamed Joe’s Dairy Bar. People have described it as having a “kitschy charm” (thanks!) and we’re happy to say, the cone on the roof is the original one that has always graced our Fifties’-style drive-up. People ask if there was ever an owner of the business named Joe…there was! And while some locals think that nearby Joe’s Mother’s Road is related to our business, it’s not (sorry). What IS true is that we serve up lip-smacking food!”