CheeseCake Heaven invites you to experience a unique blend of classic cheesecake and a variety of innovative flavor combinations that will bring your taste buds to life.

All cheesecakes are made with only the freshest ingredients, blended to give cakes a creamy smooth flavor and texture that is superbly complemented by a buttery, hand packed graham cracker crust.

“CheeseCake Heaven is a home based business, that is licensed and insured. We began in 2011 with everyone’s favorite story—”it’s the old family recipe that was made for holiday gifts, parties, and friends.” When people tasted it, the general comment was “this is heavenly” hence came the name “CheeseCake Heaven”. We then took that basic recipe and enhanced it into many delectable flavors and various sizes. You might ask, what makes Cheesecake Heaven different from other cheesecakes? What sets our product apart from the other cheesecake companies, is the way that we layer our flavors in the bottom of the crust. We then put the cheesecake layer on top. This blends into a perfect taste sensation of creamy goodness. We invest the extra effort to keep the integrity of a fresh made product, delivered right to your doorstep. Our products have a good shelf life in the refrigerator. If they do last long enough, they also freeze fine. I invite you to give us a try to compare ours to the other cheesecakes out there.”

You can order cheesecakes online or find Cheesecake Heaven at local Hudson Valley Farmers Markets.



Some products from CheeseCake Heaven:

Plain Cheesecake – Eggnog Cheesecake – Cherry Corial Cheesecake – White Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake – Bananas Foster Cheesecake – Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake – Pecan Pie Cheesecake – Apple Pie Cheesecake – Strawberry Cheesecake