Hudson Farmer & The Fish brings a New England feel to the Hudson waterfront. Situated on the Riverwalk in Sleepy Hollow, the menu features seasonal specialties from their own farm, along with a full raw bar, pizza, and innovative interpretations of your favorite seafood classics.

Daily deliveries from their farm combine with the freshest gifts of the sea supplied by Downeast Seafood for a true farm to table experience. The restaurant features an open kitchen with a chef’s counter, seasonal outdoor dining overlooking the Hudson River, and a private back dining room for up to 16 guests.

Selections From The Hudson Farmer & The Fish Menu:

  • EAST COAST OYSTERS – Loving Cup (VA)
  • WEST COAST OYSTERS – Totten Inlet (WA)
  • CLAMS – Littleneck
  • SEAFOOD TOWER – 6 oysters, 6 clams, 4 shrimp & chilled 1/2 lobster
  • GRILLED OCTOPUS – fingerling potato, black mole sauce, sesame seeds
  • GOATCHEESE BRULEE – Garlic, Rosemary, Chives, Figs, Grilled Bread
  • SCALLOP SALAD – frisee & fingerlings, house smoked bacon & sunny side egg
  • MUSHROOM PIZZA – baby portabellos, fontina, thyme & truffle & arugula
  • MARGHERITA PIZZA – california tomato & basil, parmesan & fresh mozzarella
  • HAWAIIAN BIG EYE TUNA – spicy shrimp & garden vegetable fried rice, thai coconut sauce
  • SKIRT STEAK – Sweet potato, royal trumpet mushroom, Smoked Paprika chimichurri
  • HUDSON’S GRASS-FED BURGER – vermont cheddar & smokehouse bacon
  • DOWNEAST LOBSTER ROLL – warm buttered OR cool with cucs

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Our Farm

Our four acre farm “Purdy’s Farm” is located next to our restaurant Purdy’s Farmer & The Fish in North Salem and supplies all of our restaurants produce. We aim to grow and serve the freshest, most nutrient packed, and sustainable food around. We harvest vegetables seven days a week and bring them straight from the farm into the back door of the kitchen. To help close the nutrient cycle from farm to kitchen, we compost our pre-consumer food waste and use that material, along with natural rock minerals, to feed the soil ecosystem, which feeds the plants and then us. We even make our own fertilizer every year with seaweed and unused fish parts. The plants we grow on the farm are reliant on the diverse biology underground, and we go to a great deal of effort to support the soil life and reap the rewards of all those great earthworm castings under the mulch.

Our hydroponic greenhouse allows us to grow salad greens, bibb lettuce, herbs and micro greens year round.