Ruchi means tasty and flavorful; and that is what Ruchi Indian Cuisine brings to you! Explore the many tastes of India with our daily lunch buffet and a la carte dinner.

Come experience the spices and curries, used for generations in India, in our warm and welcoming dining room.



Selections from the Ruchi Indian Cuisine Menu:

  • Vegetable Samosa – Crisp patties filled with spiced potatoes and peas
  • Dosa: Thin rice & lentil crepe served with sambar, tomato, and coconut chutney
  • Uttapam – Rice and Lentil Pancake topped with vegetable
  • Shrimp Bagari – Shrimp cooked in a tangy sauce with mustard & fresh curry leaves, served with Poori
  • Chicken Pakora – Chunks of boneless chicken dipped in batter & deep fried
  • Hot & sour soup made from tomato and cilantro Mulligatawny soup
  • Palak (Spinach) – Pureed spinach with cumin, garlic, ginger and cream with paneer OR vegetables OR mushroom OR chickpeas OR potatoes
  • Mutter Paneer – Cottage cheese cubes cooked with green peas in a medium spicy masala
  • Vegetable Jalfrazi – Vegetable chili masala cooked with fresh vegetables & hot spices in a thick gravy
  • Chicken Tikka Saag – Boneless chicken grilled in tandoor and cooked in spinach sauce
  • Chicken Phall – A popular Anglo-Indian spicy dish with green chilies, ginger, and coriander
  • Lamb Zardalu Boti – Chunks of boneless lamb cooked with apricots, cashew nuts and mildly spiced cream sauce garnished with potato sticks
  • Kerala Fish Curry – Fish cooked in coconut, black tamarind and tempered with curry leaves
  • Ruchi Tandoori Mixed Grill – A delicious combo of chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, botti kebob, malai kebob, hariyali kebob, and tandoor shrimp
  • Gulab Jamun – Caramelized milk dumplings in a honey syrup
  • Carrot Halwa – Grated carrot with almonds, raisins, and cardamom slowly cooked in milk
  • Avial – Plantains, yams, beans, carrot, squash vegetable drumsticks tempered with coconut, mustard, curry leaves and whole chili.
  • Lamb Botti Kebob – Boneless chunks of lamb marinated in yogurt and spices and broiled in Tandoor on skewers.