Oh Corn is a culinary journey through Venezuelan cuisine and culture! Arepas & More, your source for an entirely new, naturally gluten-free experience in the Capital Region. We serve a variety of your favorite arepas and natural juices. Come find out why we hold high ranking across the board!

We blend efficient service with fresh dishes so you can have a healthy, exciting meal without missing a beat in your day. Experience for yourself just how versatile arepas are with our vast selection of fillings sure to delight newcomers and longtime fans of Venezuelan cuisine alike. You’ll find that Oh Corn! Arepas & More freshly made juices, distinctive snacks, and freshly made crepes will give you plenty of delicious options to explore on your culinary adventure.

Selections From The Oh Corn Arepas & More Menu:

  • Arepa Queen – The most popular arepa in Venezuela, chicken breast blended with avocado and house made mayo (gluten free)
  • Arepa Pernil (pulled pork) – The most popular arepa on the Farmers Markets and Fair, slow cooked bone-in ham marinated on wine and orange (gluten free)
  • Arepa Chicken – Delicious Arepa stuffed with our exquisite seasoned chicken breast (gluten free)
  • Arepa Veg Delight – Heart of palm, avocado, tomato and feta cheese (gluten free)
  • Arepa King – The King, stuffed with your choice of protein, black beans and plantains (gluten free)
  • Arepa Crunchy Sweet – An explosion of flavor, humming Mozzarella, crispy bacon and sweet plantains (gluten free)
  • Arepa Maduros – Arepa stuffed with sweet ripe plantains (gluten free)
  • Arepa Perico – One of the favorites of Venezuelans, an arepa stuffed with seasoned scrambled eggs seasoned on sofrito (gluten free)
  • Cachapa Carne Mechada – Sweet Cachapa with delicious leans sheered beef (gluten free)
  • Cachapa Pernil – La Cachapa de Pernil!, our Fresh pork leg oven baked in orange juice and red wine. (gluten free)
  • Cachapa Todo Terreno – A full meal by itself, cachapa stuffed with beef, avocado, black beans and tomato (gluten free)
  • Beef Empanada – Seasoned beef empanada
  • Cheese Empanada – Queso fresco empanadas (Gluten Free)
  • Plantain Tequenos – Delicious queso fresco wrapped on sweet plantain dough (gluten free)
  • Cheese & Guave Tequenos – Queso and guava wrapped in wheat dough fried to golden perfection
  • Cheese Yuca Bites – Combine some of our favorite ingredients, yuca and cheese, into one perfect bite, served with a tartar sauce (gluten free)
  • Aroz con Pollo – The traditional Latin American Chicken and Rice Pot, cousin of the Spanish Paella. You can choose the Small (individual), Medium (2 people) and Large (4 people).
  • Pabellon Vegano – No meat? No problem, this dish is made of seasoned chick peas, white rice, sweet plantains and side salad (gluten free)