Lulu Cake Boutique craft their cakes with only the finest ingredients: fragrant vanilla beans, fruit reductions & home made jams, exotic spices, premium specialty chocolates, sweet butter and fresh cream, freshly picked fruit from local farms, organic nuts and exceptional liqueurs.

They are equally obsessed with how their creations look. From plotting every polka dot and hand-painted flourish to coaxing each sugar petal into exquisite reality—every Lulu Cake Boutique masterpiece is a tribute to more than a decade of their now-famous craftsmanship (not to mention obsession).

Lulu Cake Boutique offers a large selection of hand crafted wedding cakes and cakes for all occasions.


Some Lulu Cake Boutique Selections:

  • The Devil Made Us Do It – chocolate cake frosted with old-fashioned chocolate fudge
  • S’more S’merrier – chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, graham cracker streusel, marshmallow creme
  • Straciatella – vanilla cake, chocolate straciatella buttercream, cookie dough streusel
  • Vanilla Vanilla – vanilla cake & french vanilla buttercream
  • Before Midnight – vanilla cake, dark chocolate mousse, bittersweet chocolate ganache
  • Rhapsody in Raspberry – vanilla cake, organic lemon custard, raspberry buttercream
  • Passionately Kissed – vanilla cake, passion fruit curd, white chocolate
  • Graham Central Station – vanilla cake, graham cracker frosting, caramel swirl, honeycomb sponge
  • Coconut Dream – vanilla cake, coconut custard, coconut marshmallow frosting, shaved coconut
  • German Chocolate – chocolate cake, organic pecan coconut filling, bittersweet chocolate ganache
  • The Subourbon – vanilla cake, bourbon cream cheese frosting, spiced caramel, english toffee
  • Southern Red Velvet – buttermilk cake with a hint of red cocoa, frosted with classic cream cheese or vanilla buttercream
  • Brooklyn Blackout – chocolate cake, Valrhona chocolate pudding, chocolate fudge frosting
  • Bananapalooza – vanilla cake, banana cream cheese, chocolate chips