Schneider Guitars believes that one person making the whole instrument creates a perfect balance of tone, harmony, and quality control. Dave Schneider’s interest in handmade acoustic guitars, custom electric guitars, and fine concert classical guitars began in the early 70’s. He began building custom guitars after studying with Jim D’Aquisto in 1977.

He has studied guitar making with many famous luthiers and has worked as a full-time guitar maker for more than 30 years. Acoustic guitar making, classical guitar making, and guitar repair eventually led to an interest in the history of musical instrument making.

David continues the “old school” philosophy of one person making the whole instrument for a perfect balance of tone, harmony, and quality control.

If you have only played mass-produced instruments, or guitars that are quickly “hand made” in a factory by many people, you are in for a wonderful experience when trying a handmade Schneider Guitar. Words cannot express the beauty and tone of a handmade guitar crafted by a single luthier.

In early 2014 Dave moved his guitar workshop to Bearsville, New York and now serves New York musicians and guitarists throughout the state and worldwide. In addition to custom built guitars, Dave offers electric guitar repair and acoustic guitar repair and customizing in his New York guitar work shop.

David traveled to India to learn the techniques and philosophy of the Indian luthiers and now offers a valuable repair service for Indian instruments in Bearsville, NY. David also studied the early construction techniques of lute making and other Medieval and Renaissance instruments that led up to the modern guitar. All of this history and experience has been incorporated into the construction of fine handmade guitars and made David one of the most sought-after luthiers today.