LoveThyBeast designs pet accessories for pets and their cool humans! The brand has evolved into designing timeless, unisex canine wear, plush beds, edgy jackets plus all the essentials in-between.

Back in 2012 LoveThyBeast began out of a personal need for Tiziana Agnello who simply needed the right pet carrier for her elderly pug Gzigzia. Hailing from a prop-styling background, Tiziana had a knack for sourcing and scavenging everything on the market. Her ideal pet tote would combine utilitarian functionality and seamless integration into one’s personal style – oh, and completely American-made. After an extensive search and a realization that no such product existed, she decided to design her own.

The first LoveThyBeast tote was black (typical New York) and just big enough to fit sweet girl Gzigzia. She was always happy and cozy in her bag which made all the pups around her jealous and begged for their humans to get them one, too.

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