Catskill Chocolate Co.uses quality ingredients and do things the hard way instead of utilizing shortcut. Local ingredients are used and source what is in season across the global, when looking to other parts of the world. They use vegan, gluten-free, natural, and organic products whenever possible and their chocolate and cocoa are ethically sourced.

Brands that are involved with fair farming practices are used; improving the communities of their growers, the livelihood of the farmers, and the preservation of our environment.

Some Of The Catskill Chocolate Co. Goodies:

Vegan Organic Gummies
Milk Chocolate Covered Organic Mango Slice
Dark Chocolate Covered Organic Almonds
Vegan Organic Gummy Bears
Poor Devil Chili Spice Dark Chocolate Covered Organic Mango
Dark Chocolate Covered Organic Raisins
Vegan Sour Belts
Vegan Mini Fish
Milk Chocolate Nonpareils
Guittard Baking & Drinking Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
Milk Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar

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