Krause’s Chocolates is a Hudson Valley Tradition since 1929 with more than fifty varieties of unique hand-dipped chocolates.

The Krause family continues to make exceptional candies from their own family recipes. They make over fifty varieties of unique, hand-dipped chocolates, an assortment of flavors of creamy homemade fudge and melt-in-your-mouth peanut brittle. Most varieties are available in milk or semi-sweet chocolate.

Krause’s has stores in Saugerties, Rhinebeck, and New Paltz, New York that offer over 50 varieties of hand-made chocolates and candy treats, including decadent truffles, luxurious caramels, melt-in-your-mouth peanut brittle, chocolate creams, chocolate-dipped fruit, chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate nut clusters, and much more!

Krause’s Chocolates also offers a large variety of chocolate novelties, custom molded items and seasonal treats. There are chocolate heart boxes, heart-shaped caramels, Easter bunnies, chocolate Thanksgiving turkeys and chocolate Santas for Christmas. Chocolate champagne bottles, birthday and thank you bars, and chocolate pops for every occasion that make great gifts.

Krause’s Chocolates has a selection of over 50 molded chocolate designs that are suitable for gifts, holiday specialties, and favors for those special events.

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The Krause’s Chocolates Hand Dipping Process

Being hand-dipped is one of the most unique qualities of Krause’s Chocolates. The centers of each candy are made by hand in a copper cooking pot. They are transferred to a cream beater and then pressed by hand in an antique candy press. Now the candy is ready to be engulfed in the highest quality chocolate. Each center is dropped by hand into a dipping pot and scooped out by the “dipper” using hand-crafted tools; scoops, loops, forks depending on the shape of the center.

The temperature of the chocolate is constantly monitored to ensure a thick, lustrous coating on every piece. From the dipping pot, the candies are placed in individual paper cups. These are color-coded for easy identification. Full trays of warm candies are slid into temperature controlled cooling tunnels. At the end of the tunnel emerge unique, individual chocolates ready for hand packing. Mass produced candy can not compare. The unsurpassed quality makes Krause’s Chocolates virtually fly out the door. Freshness is never an issue!