Lucas Candies has been making chocolate in the same Hudson Valley location since 1896. It remains family owned and dedicated to keeping the traditions that were started over 120 years ago.

Lucas Candies is currently run by 4th generation Nick Loucas and his partner Deb Bertrand. They have taken chocolate making to the next level by creating chocolate combinations that will both surprise and delight your palate. Nick and Deb also maintain the original chocolate recipe and concepts that have been passed down from the Lucas family. Since Nick and Deb started their partnership the company has received national recognition for the continued traditions and for their craft chocolates.


Product selections from Lucas Candies:

  • Bulk Chocolate – Solid pieces of our famous chocolates
  • Dark Chocolate Cluster Packs – A 1/4 pound Bag of Dark Chocolate Clusters with a variety choices to pick from
  • Gone Bananas – A mixture of fluffy marshmallow, creamy peanut butter and crunchy banana chips, coated with our milk chocolate. Its a candy bar fit for a King.
  • PMS Bar – Peanut butter, milk chocolate, crushed potato chips, and semi-sweet chocolate drizzle
  • Honey Badger – A sweet blend of rich dark chocolate, honey, peanuts and pretzels with a hint of spice. Sweet. with a Bite.