BigFoot Creamery creates handmade small batch ice cream in Ossining NY made with local Hudson Valley ingredients.

Stephen and Laryssa Jardine are Brooklyn expats who migrated to Westchester roughly five years ago. They quickly came to the realization that every river town except Ossining had a boutique ice cream shop, preposterous! There was an immediate requirement to bring handmade, boutique ice cream to Ossining. And so it happened. You will likely see Stephen and Laryssa working away at the store while their two young kids scooter around the shop, stop by and say hi!

BigFoot Creamery sources ingredients from local farms — including ice creams most important ingredient, Dairy. All of the mix-in’s come straight from local farms, such as Fable Foods here in Ossining. Hilltop Hanover Farm, Yorktown Heights and Fishkill Farms in Fishkill, NY.

Select Ice Cream Flavors From BigFoot Creamery:

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  • CHUPACABRA CHOCOLATE: Bigfoots ultimate delicacy, straight up choco-late! (gf)
  • VIOLETS VANILLA: Straight up Vanilla! A favorite of all ages, big and small (gf)
  • LEMON SORBET: Lemons galore! (gf) (v)
  • OAT MILK BLUEBERRY PANCAKGE (v) TOP SECRET STRAWBERRY: Visible strawberries in every scoop, straight from Fable Foods (gf)
  • STRAWBERRY RHUBARB-ROSEMARY: Local strawberries from Fable Foods and rhubarb with a hint of rosemary (gf)
  • PIXIE PEACHES AND CREAM: Peaches from Fishkill Farms (gf)
  • ALICORN ALMOND CHERRY: Almond extract with fresh cherries from Fishkill Farms (gf)
  • SIRENS CARAMEL COOKIE: Vanilla, caramel and crumbled cookies
  • LOCHNESS LAVENDER HONEY: Lavender and honey (gf)
  • BIGFOOT S’MORE: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, marshmallow and graham cracker
  • BILBO BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: Vanilla ice cream with blueberry compote and graham crackers, blueberries from Hilltop Hanover Farm
  • HOBBITS CARROT CAKE: Fresh carrots and brown sugar with graham cracker crumbles, carrots from
  • Hilltop Hanover Farm
  • MOSASAURUS MATCHA GREEN TEA: Get a caffeine kick with a scoop of matcha!MYTHICAL MAPLE: Grade A pure maple syrup straight from The Sugarhouse of White Oak Farm
  • PUMPKIN: Warm up with Pumpkin pie ice cream
  • CANDY CANE: Crushed candy canes and vanilla ice cream
  • GINGERBREAD: Gingerbread spices mixed with gingerbread crumbles
  • EGG NOG: Egg nog spices mixed with graham crumbles