Gardner’s Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe is more than an ice cream stand. It’s also a farm based community fun and food center offering ice cream, coffee, miniature golf, a driving range and an eatery.

Why is their soft serve ice cream so darn good? Because they don’t put air in their ice cream to fluff it up and they use a higher content of milk fat to produce the best and creamiest texture out there! Chocolate, Vanilla, Twist or Flavor burst.

Gardner’s serves mouth watering burgers with onion rings, potato pancakes, BLTs, short and long dogs, soup, patty melts, their famous mac salad, a fish fry… so many delicious options for lunch! Our chef makes up awesome specials, so roast beef, Rubens, sausage & peppers and other hearty meals are often on the menu.

The fries are homemade – they take a potato, put it the the fry slicer, and into the fryer they go. You can’t get any fresher than that!

In the summer, you will often find fresh lettuce and tomatoes straight out of the field from Gardner’s farm. It’s amazing how much better veggies taste when they are just picked.

Gardner’s has both mini-golf and a driving range available to golfers of all ages! Just ring the bell at the back of the restaurant and we will get you started with either a bucket of golf balls for the driving range or a putter for mini-golf. Sink your last putt for a surprise!