914 Exotics is not your everyday snack shop or corner candy store. It’s a snack shop of a different kind with shelves full of snacks and beverages from around the world.

Some of the company names will certainly be familiar but the flavors will be an adventure into the new and unknown for your palette. It’s a fun place that takes you on a discovery trip of snacks and beverages that will be new and very much tempting.

The friendly demeanor of the staff and owner help to make the excursion through this new world of snacks, chips, cookies and drinks both fun and engaging. New items are added regularly so this is the kind of place that’s worth checking in on regularly. No telling what you might find!

Selections From 914 Exotics | Exotic Sodas & Snacks:

Japan – KitKat Caramel Pudding
Australia – KitKat Aero Mint Bar
Peru – Nestle Sublime Cookies
France – Haribo Super Mario Gummies
Canada – Coffee Crisp Bar
Mexico – Webo Late Dragon Ballz
Taiwan – Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Orange Soda
United Kingdom – Snickers Milkshake
Egypt – Schweppes Pomegranate Flavor
Taiwan – Lays Ribeye Scallop Flavored Chips
China – Lays Crab Flavored Chips
Indonesia – Oreo Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Brazil – Hershey’s Coffee Caramel Macchiato
Canada – KitKat Chunky Popcorn
Korea – Cheetos Smokey BBQ
China – Cheetos Turkey Leg
Portugal – Ruffles Presunto Flavored Chips
Korea – Oreo Cinnamon Bun
China – Oreo Oolong Peach Cream
Israel – Doritos Spicy Sour Flavored Chips
Serbia – Fanta Tropical Exotic
France – Fanta Mango Dragonfruit
Denmark – Fanta Strawberry Kiwi
India – Snickers Kisar Pista Pistachio
Italy – Nutella Biscuit Tube
China – Lay’s Crayfish Flavored Chips
Canada – CocaCola Quebec Maple
France – M&Ms Biscuit

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