The Wayfinder Experience is a live-action role-playing company, based in Kingston, New York. We run summer camps, events, school programs and workshops for teens, children and adults. The centerpiece of our programs is the Adventure Game, a transformative experience that challenges players physically, mentally and emotionally, while immersing them in an exciting world of fantasy.

Wayfinder Experience operates weeklong overnight summer camps for teens & day camps for children. We also host three-day events, such as our Winter Game in December, and one-day Bootlegs every month. At our overnight events and day-camps we offer a diverse range of workshops combining sports, art, “play-safe” swordplay, improvisational acting & intentional community. All this culminates in the Adventure Game, a live-action theater event that is often played out over multiple days. During “the Game” our participants become characters in a magical, legendary story, complete with costumes, elaborate sets & props, masks, treasures, spells & quests. We transform our facilities into whole new worlds.


Some of The Wayfinder Experience Programs:

  • Parties – From a simple day of Capture the Flag with safe foam swords that is anything but simple, to an intense rite-of-passage Adventure Game complete with costumes, characters and quests, do something completely different this year with The Wayfinder Experience!
  • Winter Camp – A yearly tradition that brings our Wayfinder family together over winter break. All the things you love about camp… but in the snow!
  • Overnight Summer Camp – A perfect camp for both first-time and experienced campers. Workshops include everything from sword form, character building, improvisational acting to capture the flag (with swords and magic!), night hikes and team-building exercises.
  • Wayfinder Young Adventures – Young Adventures classes and camps are events that focus on character building, imagination, arts & crafts, and fun mini-adventures!
  • After School Programs – The Wayfinder Experience runs after school programs through out the school year at a number of locations.
  • Bootleg Adventures – are one-day, 10-hour promotional events designed to give people a chance to try our programming without committing to a full, multi-day event.