Here at Helena’s Specialty Foods, pierogies are our passion. Along with fresh, simple ingredients, each pierogi offers a taste of a long-standing tradition.

Helena’s Specialty Foods is a family owned and operated business dedicated to manufacturing a homemade product that exemplifies quality in the best form. We have been manufacturing delicious Homemade Pierogies and selling Kielbasa for over 15 years.

Our mission at Helena Specialty Foods is to bring a traditional European food dish into the homes of Americans. Starting from a recipe that was in our Ukrainian and Polish family, in 1995, we opened to share our love for traditional European comfort food. Every part of the process is done by hand; from making and rolling the dough, to caramelizing onions for our sauce, to the peeling of potatoes for our filling. We pride ourselves on creating a handmade and delicious product with quality ingredients and care.

Pierogi Products:
Potato & Onion
Potato & Cheddar Cheese
Potato, Cheddar Cheese & Bacon
Potato & Jalapeno Peppers
Potato & Horseradish
Potato & Sauteed Garlic
Potato & Spinach
Potato & Broccoli
Potato, Broccoli & Cheddar
Potato & Farmers Cheese
Potato & Sauerkraut
Potato, Sauerkraut & Bacon
Potato, Jalapeno, Cheddar & Bacon
Potato, Scallions, Onion & Bacon
Blueberry (Seasonal)
Prune Plum (Seasonal)