Saugerties Farmers Market brings local seasonal food to market; preserves small family farms; promotes healthy eating; build community; and attract visitors to historic Saugerties.

The market accepts vendors who grow, raise, or produce their products locally. The market is especially interested in products not currently in the market in order to broaden the mix of offerings, support new businesses, and constantly appeal to our customers.

Just a few blocks from the business district, the market overlooks the Cowflop, a spacious green meadow with Catskill mountain views and is next to the Saugerties Historical Society’s Kiersted House.

The Saugerties Farmers Market provides the best of Hudson Valley produce and other farm products while at the same time providing a gathering place for the community to meet, eat, and greet.

Reasons to Shop Local at the Saugerties Farmers Market

The market is made up of a “hand picked” group of farmers who come together to share the best of what they grow:

Preserve genetic diversity
Know where your food comes from and who grows it
Support local farmers
Build community
Preserve open space
Cut carbon emissions by reducing transport miles
Benefit the environment and wildlife with careful land stewardship.