Tree Juice Maple Syrup is harvested from the maple trees on the beautiful hills of Lazy Crazy Acres farm, nestled in the Catskill Mountains. Tapped, traditional wood fire boiled, and bottled lovingly by hand, we hope you enjoy this sweet stuff as much as we do!

Tree Juice Maple Syrup offers an annual CSA as well as whole sale and retail purchasing options.

Tree Juice Maple Syrup is produced with a traditional wood fired evaporator and comes in four distinct grades:
GOLDEN, delicate taste
AMBER, rich taste
DARK, robust taste
VERY DARK, strong taste

The Fairbairn family have been making maple syrup on their farm since the 1930s.

Beginning in 1998, Jake’s brother, John, and his friend Jason built a wood shed and sap house, installed thousands of feet of sap line and 460 taps. After a hiatus of 5 years, Jake Fairbairn and his friend Ryan Annetts cleaned up the sap house and created ‘Tree Juice Maple Syrup’ in 2012.

Remaining on the same family owned land, Tree Juice Maple Syrup has now expanded its production and installed a total of 1200 taps. We usually begin tapping trees in mid-February and by the end of March are pulling them out. The maple sap travels down hill to the sap house, where it is filtered, steralized by a UV light and then boiled in our 3.5′ x 10′ wood fired evaporator.