Goodway Gourmet Bakery has been baking for nearly 40 years and offer the best in artisan baked products, specializing in rum cakes and rum bundt cakes. Baked items are all natural and made from scratch each day.

Their baked goods contain no preservatives or artificial flavors. Instead, your discerning taste buds will savor the flavor of pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla, grade A butter (not the flavoring!) and real Bacardi Rum.

Baked goods can be obtained by ordering online, at a number of farmers markets and in area stores.

Some Products From Goodway Gourmet Bakery

Gourmet Caribbean Rum Bundt
Luscious Coconut Butter Rum
Gourmet Malibu Rum Bundt
Gourmet Chocolate Rum Bundt
Ripe Banana Rum Bundt
Black Raspberry Rum Bundt
Gluten Free Rum Bundt
Mystery Flavor
Coconut Macaroons
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coconut Macaroons