Circle C Maple Farm produces all natural maple syrup, organically processed from their family owned farm in Pine Bush, NY.

For 18 years, Joe and Cathy Cicero have been proud of this product that comes from their own land. Their “let the land work for you” philosophy results in an all natural and nothing phony about it product that is not dependent on reverse osmosis machinery or vacuum systems.


Circle C Maple Farm Offerings:

• Grade A Medium Amber- Medium amber color and a pronounced maple bouquet. Characteristic maple flavor, that is popular for table and all around use.
• Grade A Dark Amber- Dark amber color and a robust maple bouquet. This hearty maple flavor is very popular for table and all around use.
• Grade B Extra Dark- The strongest and darkest grade of maple syrup. Primarily used for cooking and also popular for the table. Makes a great substitute for other sugars in baking.