Hudson Valley Cheesecake is the home of the Rainbow Cookie cheesecake! You’ll find an array of gourmet cheesecakes that are made from the best ingredients and baked fresh daily. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of cheesecake-inspired desserts. Everything from cheesecake-stuffed cannolis to our famous cheesecake-stuffed cupcakes.

Cheesecake flavors change periodically. With that being said, you will be able to visit our site to check out what we have in shop for that particular day. You will also be able to place orders online! Isn’t that amazing!? The best cheesecake in the Hudson Valley at the tap of a button.

Selections From The Hudson Valley Cheesecake Menu:

Signature Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake
Where it all started! If the Italian Rainbow cookie is your favorite then look no further. Almond flavor, a thin layer of raspberry and topped of with Belgian ganache makes this a fan favorite.

9″ Strawberry Crunch Cake
Two layered vanilla cake with a cheesecake center. Coated with a freshly baked crunch. Serves 12 slices. ** Also available in Chocolate Crunch

Vegan Cheesecake
Made with cashews and vegan cream cheese. Upon request only, you may add a fresh strawberry topping or fresh baked apples.

Chocolate Chip Cookie dough cheesecake
Topped with homemade cookie dough butter cream and sea salt caramel. Chunks of cookie dough baked inside.

Caramel Apple Crumb cheesecake
Freshly baked apples and crumbs marinate on top making this a piece of heaven.

GLUTEN free Strawberry cheesecake
Classic strawberry cheesecake made with a gluten free crust! Our crust is made from gluten free oats, raw almonds, coconut sugar and coconut oil.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake
Chunks of Oreos baked inside and crumbled on top of a homemade cream. Finished off with a chocolate crust.

Red Velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcake
Red Velvet cupcake with a cheesecake center and topped with a cream cheese frosting.

Biscoff Cookie Buttercream cupcake
Vanilla cupcake topped with a light a fluffy cookie butter butter cream. Made with Biscoff.

Banana Pudding cheesecake
Banana slices baked inside. Thin slices of banana layered on top with fresh banana pudding and fresh cream and caramel drizzle.