Bonticou Ducks & Chickens are rotationally pastured in the sunshine. The flocks forage freely over woods, brush and fields seeded with rye, buckwheat, winter peas, wheat and clover. They snack on insects, berries, grass and garden scraps, and are finished on grains soaked in local raw milk. Older birds are pastured on a 100+ acre orchard in Stone Ridge, NY where windfall apples and pumpkins are available in season.

You would be hard pressed to find these signature Bresse and Malines chickens or the British Silver Appleyard ducks anywhere else in the country. The pastured heritage birds are very slow growing compared to grain-fed commercial breeds. To put it in perspective, while commercial chickens are harvested at 6 weeks, Bonticou Ducks harvests theirs at 4 months.

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