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Hudson Valley Meat & Poultry Farms


If you’re a fan of high-quality meat from local farms, the Hudson Valley has you covered. From beef to lamb, pork to poultry, there are many different types of locally raised meat available in the area.

Plus, for those who are conscious about the treatment of animals, there are also pasture-raised and free-range options. Not only does this provide a more humane life for the animals, but it also often results in healthier, better-tasting meat. So, if you’re looking for a way to support local farms and enjoy delicious meat, check out the many providers in the Hudson Valley.

Greenane Farms | Natural Produce & Meats From The Catskills

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Greenane Farms process is Non-GMO, permaculture, animal welfare, no chemicals, no antibiotics, no additives, no hormones and sustainable.

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