Perry Hill Farm is a licensed and certified nursery grower in Millbrook, New York. Since its establishment, the farm has been committed to environmentally friendly practices, producing organically grown herbs, Sun-Powered Herbal Soaps, food, and plants.

Every herbal product at Perry Hill Farm is carefully crafted with its own organically grown or responsibly wild-crafted herbs. The farm has refrained from using chemical fertilizers or pesticides since 1991, emphasizing its dedication to sustainable and organic practices. Perry Hill Farm takes pride in responsibly harvesting wild-crafted herbs, ensuring the preservation of future plant populations. Their herbal teas are handpicked and carefully dried to maintain quality and freshness.

In addition to herbs and soaps, Perry Hill Farm offers a wide range of products, including free-range, organically-produced eggs, fruit, and vegetables. The farm also provides native and cultivated medicinal/edible plants, herbal salves, tinctures, creams, household cleaners, and seasonal wreaths and swags. These offerings reflect the farm’s holistic approach to sustainable farming and its commitment to delivering high-quality, organic products to its customers.